Download and use

How do I download a high resolution file?
Click on the picture you want to download. Then a new window will open, showing the button “Download”.

Which link should I use when I want to share/send a post in Alvin?
There are two links to each post. We recommend the permanent link as a link to an Alvin post when you want it to work for a long time. That link goes via a resolver at the National Library of Sweden. The direct link goes straight to the Alvin post and it will work perfectly in the short term but it is not as stable as the permanent link and may stop working if, for example, a database is moved.

What is the easiest way to send a high resolution file from Alvin?
Click on the picture you want to send. Click on “Link to the picture”. Copy the link under “Link to the file” and paste it into your message.

How do I create a link to a specific page in a book?
Click on the page you want to refer to. Click on “Link to the picture”. Copy the link under “Link to the picture in the image viewer”

Can I publish everything I find in Alvin?
Almost everything you will find in Alvin can be used without restrictions. However, be aware that some of the more modern material may be copyrighted. The rights license states what rights apply.

What is the meaning of the rights licenses?
Click on the licence to see an explanatory text. The most common licence, Public Domain Mark, means the copyright has expired and the work can be used without any restrictions.

I would like to publish a picture I have found in Alvin. What should I write in the caption?
If possible, the name of the author should always be stated. The name of the department that owns the item and any hallmark etc. should also be stated. For example: "Ödet ger vika", Manuscript by Karin Boye. The original belongs to Uppsala University Library, K. Boye 4.