There are two types of searches that you can perform in Alvin - simple and extended. The simple search consists of the search box you find as soon as you arrive at the Alvin portal main page. The extended search is a separate search page that allows additional functionality for narrowing your search result and combining search terms. After performing a search, you may narrow you search results further by applying one of Alvin's many filters.

Simple search

The simple search is the search box that you find at the top of Alvin's main page. It allows you to do a free text search of Alvin in its entirety. It is also possible to narrow your simple search to specific resource types through specifying which type you want to search for in the drop down menu on the left side of the search box.

Extended search

You reach the extended search page by clicking the Extended search link to the right of the simple search box. With extended search you may create a search based on one or more of the specific textfields that metadata specialists has entered with specific information describing the different resources found in Alvin. Here you may, for instance, limit your searches to particular subject terms or search for objects that have been created by a certain production technique. You can also combine search terms through the use of so called boolean operators which let you exclude search terms and search using synonyms.


After performing a simple or extended search you will arrive at the search result page showing all the resources that matches your specified search. If you want, you may limit your results further by chosing one or more of the many filters that show up in the column to the left of the search result list. There are several types of filter to chose from. If you, as an example, are only interested in search results from a specific member of Alvin, you may click that members name under the filter Archive institution.