Detail from copper etching by Joan Blaeu

National cultural heritage platform

Alvin is a national platform for the long-term preservation and accessibility of digitised collections and digital cultural heritage material from Swedish cultural heritage institutions. It is also a catalogue of material that has yet to be digitised. The platform is developed and maintained by Uppsala University Library in cooperation with Gothenburg University Library and Lund University Library. Several other cultural heritage institutions are also members of Alvin.

In the database you will find author archives and other personal archives, advertisement posters, medical history, portraits, photographs from polar expeditions, botanical posters, letters, sketch books, among many other exciting objects.

Most of the material you find i Alvin have in common is that you are able to use and download it freely. Read more about copyright in Alvin here.

The Alvin platform is organised in the form of a consortium with the three university libraries of Uppsala, Lund och Gothenburg as its founding members. The steering committee consists of the library directors Lars Burman (Uppsala University Library), Eva Nylander (Lunds University Library) och Morgan Palmqvist (Gothenburg University Library). The steering commitee is Alvins's governing body.